SEO -Search engine optimization


SEO, sometimes referred to as organic SEO or SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is the set of non-paying techniques that will allow your site to be best positioned in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo … ) by a keyword (or an expression) filled in.

Why SEO is essential for your site?

Lack of visibility = no customers. It’s not more complicated.
A poorly referenced site is … like a shop that does not have a showcase. You do not have to tell yourself that the more visits you have and the more customers you have … Good SEO means not only getting targeted traffic to your site, but also increasing your brand awareness by being placed correctly. By launching your website, you must go through this step!

How to do ?

The principle is to convince Google that your site is more relevant than another … Among all the SEO techniques that we will not list in this article, it is already essential to work on the following three points:

Text content

“Number one priority” is to produce quality, relevant and original content. To do this, put yourself in your client’s shoes and explain who you are and what you do with “normal” terms. Because your content is a reflection of your image, “your showcase”, try to generate interest … It is through him that the visitor will get a first idea of ​​your products and services. It is necessary to target a few keywords and integrate them to optimize your editorial content. No need to repeat them 100 times per page, writing content around the keyword, using synonyms and a minimum instance will in theory be enough to write an optimized text. Integrating links between the pages of your site to make an “internal mesh” allows to better position itself.

The code

The quality of the HTML code and the HTML semantics used to build web pages have a strong impact on the natural SEO potential of websites. The simplicity, the optimization of the HTML code and respect the standards of the web is essential in your process of programming and referencing. It’s good to be well referenced, but do not forget that users use different devices to visit your site: smartphone, tablet, computer … Offer them a better adaptation to different screen resolutions, facilitate their reading and the navigation by opting for a “responsive” site .

The links

As we explained in the point “text content”, it is important to create so-called “internal” links between the pages of your site. But, to improve your notoriety on Google, it will also work “backlinks”: a hyperlink on an external site pointing to one of your pages. We need to talk about you on other websites and mention your URL. Google does not only count the number of external links pointing to your pages, it also checks the consistency of the link. It is therefore important to put its links on sites dealing with the same subject or a subject similar to yours, these backlinks will have a context of quality for your SEO.

Patience, expertise and method are the keywords!

The natural web referencing requires to integrate an analysis, quality criteria, a strict methodology of the design to the development of your website. A good SEO is never acquired forever, it’s a job every day if you want to be permanently positioned on the front page of Google. Finally, it is important to specify that the results of a good SEO are discovered after a few months of work … Rome was not done in a day …