Social Media

How to get more sales or customers to your site


With more than 2 billion internet users active on social networks worldwide, the presence of brands and companies on these networks has become essential if not mandatory.


Loyalty to your customers, increased visibility, a more humane image of your company, shared advice, direct feedback on your products and services … all the advantages of having a professional account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

Social media also allows you to sell your products directly with one click.


But do you know how to sell?

Do you know the techniques to put in place to generate more and more sales on your social media?


We will show you how to increase sales of your products and services on your networks!


How to sell more on your social networks?


Check your profile and your business information


Your profile is often the first thing your visitors consult to keep abreast of what you are proposing.

It is sort of your introduction or if you prefer, your showcase. Your business information must be properly completed so that your prospects do not have to search for your phone number, your website or any other contact information for two hours.


Whether you are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or another social network, your profile reflects your company and you are strongly advised to pamper it a bit to get attention . Complete and accurate information, opening hours, website, products and services offered for sale … the more detailed your information, the more chances you will have to be contacted and increase your turnover!

Get closer to potential contacts


Social networks are powerful channels for acquiring even wider leads. By putting yourself on the right platforms, where there is a high concentration of your targets, you will not have a hard time directly reaching hot prospects that will easily convert into your customers


How to generate more sales on social networks?

Make direct links to your products and services


To optimize your online sales, you can opt for creating a landing page or landing page from a Facebook ad, for example. This specific web page created to highlight a specific product allows the user to know a little more about it.


This page may be promotional only for the purpose of converting your web traffic into a prospect or may be “reference”, created for the purpose of informing the user. Once this page is created, all you have to do is promote it on your social networks!


Invest in targeted ads


Paid social media ads allow companies to improve brand awareness and promote their products. Place of residence, age group, sex, centers of interest … When they are correctly targeted, advertisements on Facebook or Instagram to name a few, are particularly effective . Do you want to put one before a particular product? You set up a commercial operation in February?


Create an ad according to your budget and see what happens during a given period! Feel free to vary the formats to get attention like, for example, creating a Facebook video advertisement .


Create or use a trend hashtag related to your values


I do not teach you anything, hashtags have become more and more popular and not only because they allow you to better target your searches … On Twitter or Instagram , many companies have understood that using a trend hashtag in their communication their permission :


  • to relay a message to gain visibility
  • to federate and expand their community
  • tweet-trend


To attract your readers, the idea is obviously not to speak only of your brand, on the contrary. Why not create a hashtag that reflects your values? Who integrates your state of mind? Inventing a light and ironic hashtag will increase your visibility, traffic and humanize your brand.



Integrate an online store to your professional page


On Facebook, it is now possible to add a shop tab to your page and recreate your ecommerce website directly on Facebook. The idea is simple: to allow Internet users to know your products, their characteristics, their prices and thus send them back directly to your website to proceed with the purchase .

Customize as you see it, this shop allows you to make your products and services directly visible on the social network and in fact, encourage your future sales!


Encourage quality content on your social media


Today, Internet users expect brands to be surprising; they appreciate more and more the sincerity of these through the quality of their content. On social networks where information travels at high speed V, the social partners look for originality in both written content and through professional and attractive photos and videos.


Through a blog integrated to your website, do not hesitate to share your stories, your expertise with your readers so as to provoke interaction or debate through quality content. This editorial content can feed your social networks  and generate commitment. Finally, readers curious to read your content will go to your blog and stop, ideally, on your products at the end of an article.


And what actions do you put in place on your social networks to sell more?