Importance of SEO


SEO for your strategy is essential to develop the visibility of your site. One thing is for sure, SEO is a difficult task, we will see today the essential steps to boost your SEO strategy.

SEO, the acronym for “Search Engine Optimization”, is the set of rules and techniques aimed at optimizing the SEO of a website. Natural referencing allows to benefit from the so-called free traffic from Google to distinguish paid referencing that relies on services like Adwords, Bing Ads and Yahoo Germini.

SEO enhances the visibility and visibility of your site on search engines to be best placed in the search results of users. You should know that Google is the # 1 search engine in France, 95% of searches are made there.

Google relies on a series of often updated algorithms which makes the work of SEOs very important. Without a well-established technology watch and an update of the current SEO strategy, your SEO will lose places in search engine results.

For this, three main points are essential:

The importance of SEO – SEO through the structural and textual quality of the site: tag structure, hierarchy of titles, quality and quantity of texts, good use of keywords, …

The Site update frequency: Google’s bots will check your site for new (quality) content.

Site traffic: A significant number of visits to your site is perceived by Google as a sign of quality of your site.

Why do an SEO strategy:

Today, if a company is present on the web, it must think of an SEO strategy to meet its objectives (to make itself known, to propose its products or services, to improve its notoriety).

The Internet is a very good showcase for businesses and a communication medium more and more used, but it also has the defect to make us impatient. You should know that 91% of clicks are on the first page of Google results and users are 61% to go to the 3rd page of results! Whether your website has a modern design and avant-garde animations, if users do not find your site in the first results of the search engine, they will not take the time to find it!

The importance of SEO – SEO lies in the increase, considerable, its visibility and therefore its business. For all these reasons, the creation of a website and the optimization of SEO, is inseparable.



The goal is to choose the right keywords to position yourself in order to optimize your SEO by writing articles by associating keywords and synonyms best suited to your business. For that, it is necessary to integrate them in each element of your site (body of the text, photo, title, URL). In concrete terms, you have to search for and target keywords, so that your company is the best to reference. However, be careful not to abuse keywords, this is the difference between a good and a bad SEO, we must find the right balance to not be penalized by Google.

Example: You are specialized in carpentry wood and pvc, you have an area presenting your services in wood carpentry, you will appear the keyword “carpentry wood” in the title and the URL of your page, the descriptive text and the naming images present in the page.


Content is the essential element. It is he who informs and attracts the surfer. It must be clear, concise and above all meet the expectations of the visitor. The editorial content integrates texts as well as any images or videos. Since Google’s algorithms place a lot of importance on Internet users, it will pay great attention to editorial quality as well as to its quantity.

Each of your pages is unique, so do not fall into the ease by copying / pasting texts found on the web. Keep an eye on news sites related to your sector of activity, gather information and integrate them in the body of the text of your pages while taking care to fill in the keywords, all that in order to make live your website !


A lambda person with a minimum of technical knowledge in the field of the web can claim to know how to create a website. The difference lies in the technical optimization of the site and the implementation of standards related to the web.

This part is reserved for the confirmed developer, the goal being to create a “clean” code containing a set of rules to respect in order to guarantee a good quality of the structure of the site but also a good legibility of the information as well by the only by the search engine.

This step is defined upstream of the project when a specification is created. It will therefore be necessary to define the SEO strategy by listing relevant keywords, to think about the site tree, to apply all the web rules at the level of the tags, to use a hierarchy of title levels, to optimize the code and the loading time. pages, fill in the alternative tag on each image, etc … In
addition to optimizing the code inside the website, it will take time to complete the elements presented on the search results (title SEO, meta-description, URL) by incorporating the main keyword of each page.


Social platforms will be your allies as well in your SEO strategy as in your e-reputation!

Feel free to link your blog to a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a Linkedin page to create visits to your website. Take the time to heal your message, be impactful and listen to your visitors to create a loyalty on both your social networks and your website.

Beyond the help that social networks can provide in natural referencing, they represent a true ally in the creation of your digital brand image and will allow you to consolidate your reputation online.

We hope to have convinced you of the importance of SEO for your website. Do not hesitate to consult [name of site] if you want to be accompanied by a team of professionals to help you climb the steps on Google and finally be present on the first pages.


Now that you know about the importance of SEO, its time to make it happen. And if you have no idea where to start, just press here , browse through thousands of seo services, let an Seo expert do the work at an affordable price so that you can focus on your strategy.