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All you need to know about SEO

What is seo?

The concept of SEO appeared in the 90s, being an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, that is to say: optimization for search engines. This abbreviation also refers to people who practice this “job”.
What does search engine optimization mean?
At the dawn of the Internet age, where there were only “a few” sites in total (actually a few million, in comparison with more than 20 billion currently estimated), have emerged the engines of research, which, although unsophisticated, indexed web content quite well and provided a starting point for navigation, thus being an important source of traffic for websites. At the same time, the specialists realized the need for conscious control in the process of increasing the visibility in search engines, which gave birth to a new science: SEO – optimization for search engines research, which aims to increase the quality of a site’s traffic .

This relatively new “industry” involves a series of operations carried out by the promotion team, to increase the positions of a site in the list of search results for certain key words or phrases, interesting and relevant to the point of view. view of this business.

This is done by controlling and improving the “ranking criteria”, ie factors that, taken as a whole and analyzed by the search algorithm, lead to a higher ranking in the pages. of results.
The year 2016 has been rich in terms of new tools, but especially new methods of SEO. In 2017, new trends (and we could even announce that it is SEO rules to be respected) emerge already. If you want to optimize the placement of your website in the search engines, we will have to respect them! And all this while obviously continuing to take into account the trends still valid last year.

“Mobile first”: the smartphone as a number one priority

It is now essential for a website to be responsive , and to be fully readable and usable on a mobile phone . Indeed, Google has announced that the mobile version of a site will take precedence and will be considered more important than the desktop version.
The loading time of the pages must also be optimal: a page which loads slowly will generate a very high bounce rate and a conversion rate which meanwhile will be low. Bad point!
That’s why more and more pages are created in Accelerated Mobile Pages ( AMP) format . It allows almost instantaneous loading of web pages on a mobile device. Its evolution will continue throughout the year, and its scale is growing. A good resolution to take for this year.

The voice function: the future of Google searches?

The voice search is booming. In 2016, thousands of searches were done on Google via this feature. It is particularly useful when it comes to asking a question directly to the search engine, without having to type it by hand.
According to experts, it will even be 50% of the research that will be performed in voice by 2020 . It is therefore important to experiment, test, and see if your website comes out during a voice search on one or more keywords on which you want to position yourself.
In addition, Google often offers the results of this type of search in zero position. That is to say in an insert appearing at the top of the results, above even the first natural result!

It’s time to switch to HTTPS!

As you may already know, it is now essential to switch to HTTPS . In addition to providing your website with enhanced security , this will greatly help SEO. This is especially important if you are processing sensitive data. The same goes for the credibility of your site!
In order to switch to HTTPS, it is necessary for a CA to validate your SSL certificate for the site in advance . This certificate is not free and must be purchased. Different prices are available, and equivalent to different levels of security. The SSSL EV certificate is the most recommended, but the most expensive: it certifies that the site is well managed by the company that owns it, and that it does exist legally.

Social networks: growing SEO factor

Some of you may not know it, but content from social networks is also indexed by Google! It will therefore be necessary to pay attention to the way you manage your messages on these. Today, nearly three quarters of marketers are using this tool today to better position themselves in search results.
Social networks can also increase your community, and thus create more traffic to your site . Professional social networks (LinkedIn and Viadéo for example) can also create quality backlinks . Imagine: you create an interesting message on these networks, you attract the world on one or more pages of your site, and the person who has read you will come back maybe even in the future!

Videos and images are popular

The multimedia content is now entrenched as ever in the SEO strategy. A YouTube chain allows for example to improve the visibility of your site.
The videos , including GIF, auto-play or live broadcast as well as images and photos are valued content. And that as well by the surfers surfing on mobile as on PC . You will need to make good use of it on your sites, but also on social networks, because the importance that search engines such as Google grant them grows over time!

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