Affiliate Marketing

What Is Affiliate Marketing and Is It the Right Type of Business for Me?


Many wondered how can some successful people out there made five figures in a month from affiliate marketing. Regardless the speculations out there, affiliate marketing is indeed one of the best ways to earn money from the internet. If you are planning to go nowhere, or leave your 9-5 job, you could consider adding this to your alternative list to earn some bucks. Amongst those successful stories, some said that it was too difficult to start with, but some even said that it was a no-brainer. But undoubtedly, we are pretty convinced that it is one of the easiest ways to start earning an enormous amount of dollars from the internet.


Before going further, it is important to define the “Affiliate Marketing” to equate the thinking about this type of marketing. Affiliate marketing is basically the process of selling services or products from other people to earn commissions. Affiliate marketing website, in this case, is the website which sells the products and services of other people and the owner of the site will earn commissions from the sales. There are factors to consider before starting.


Some Questions to answer


Which market are you interested in?


As an affiliate marketer, you will recommend other people’s products or services to the new customers. You must convince them to make a purchase. Knowing the fact that you earn few percent of commission, you might not be motivated if you run a niche that you don’t like. So, what is your interest? When you have interest in a specific niche, you will gladly market the product and service.


Are you ready not to get paid?


Sometimes, you won’t expect pinch situations. Since you don’t have the product, you will promote the others’ to the market. Chances are not all folks are interested in the product or service you offer. In this case, your effort of introducing the product or service will come to waste. Unless you switch your strategy, you may never go anywhere.


Are you committed to this?


Many stopped in the middle of the way because they are not ready for contributing their effort and time to this. If you own a website to affiliate marketing and have good SEO on it, doesn’t guarantee that you will make sales. A good website needs to be updated and maintained on regular basis. Only committed people are able to do it.


Is it a serious business for you?


Affiliate marketing is not an overnight millionaire-scheme. Folks who have been involved in this regime know it very well. You can indeed make profits, but it doesn’t happen in a blink of an eye. You can get you’re first commissioned in your first week, the second week, first month, second month, and even months later. You will need some resources to gain what you want. So, if you can’t see it as a serious business, it will be hard to earn adequate money from it.


Are you ready to change?


Being involved in affiliate marketing will push you to learn new things and new skills. These are needed in order to spread the words about your business and reach your potential customers. Not to mention that your niche might be highly competitive. So, you will need a plan, execute it, revise it, maintain it, or change it. To do all these things, you must have enough skills. Your current self might not be enough to cope with the market demands.


Affiliate marketing perks


The affiliate marketing models indeed has tons of benefits if done properly. Affiliate marketing has been familiar to most entrepreneurs since it opens the windows of opportunities for them. Not is only making extra income, to some extent, this business model can make you leave your 9-5 job. After all, who can reject the idea of working anywhere without bonded by contracts while earning good amount of bucks? Some businesses out there need to create their own services and products. You, on the other side, just need to promote them. It is indeed one of the easiest areas that many folks are interested in. Besides, it has some perks:


Hands-off the inventory


You won’t need to make anything. You don’t even need to manage your inventory or your warehouse. You don’t have to buy stock to meet your customer’s’ demands. Instead, you will just ask your supplier to do that. You just need to promote the products. The shipping, manifestation, packaging process will be done by the suppliers. There is no risk losing your money because you stock the products that won’t sell.


Broad selection of products or services


Being an affiliate gives you the liberty to choose the products or services that you want to promote. The good thing about it is that you can choose amongst the hundreds and even thousands of them. You can go with the best-selling one or rarest ones which have a higher commission.


Learn new things about online marketing


Affiliate marketing can be called as a branch of online marketing. It is one of the dozens out there. With the fact that it gives you the easiness, you can learn new things such as email marketing, splash page, landing page, copywriting, user-generated content, and so on. You will learn different things from a-z, which will make you a complete person.


No need to put a fake smile on the front of customers


Direct contact with customers can be bothersome for some people. You may or may not experience this. An angry customer scolds you all the way through just because the package is a bit messy. Well, there is no problem with the product, but still, you need to smile and apologize for the inconvenience. Online affiliate marketing will eliminate all these hardships.


Things You Need to prepare for starting


There are few things that you need to prepare before proceeding to your affiliate marketing. You need to keep in mind that you’ll be a salesperson of the service or product. So, you won’t get paid unless you make a sale. To get you on the right track, there are things that you need to prepare. For instance, you want are going to be a SEOClerk Affiliate, you will need::

  1. Website
  2. SeoClerks Affiliate script
  3. Web content (blog post, copywriting, etc)
  4. Email list
  5. Social media pages
  6. Autoresponders
  7. Etc….


Luckily, you don’t have to do it all alone. You can ask someone else to do all the hardships at an affordable price. The next thing you know is that your website is ready and up, and you just need to execute your marketing plan.

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